Sebastian joins the family!

A few weeks back I got a 9-month old African Spur Thighed Tortoise or Sulcata as they are also known as. We named him Sebastian and he has been an absolute delight to live with and he brightens out day. He is obsessed with Kale and refuses to eat anything but the freshest greens like a true spoiled child. We recently took him to Westwood Pets in Westwood, NJ to meet Soupy, an 18 year old Sulcata who has grown up there. They shared some grapes and zucchini and it is pretty unbelievable to look at the difference in size between these two guys and realize that is how big Sebastian will be in 18 years. I think we may end up having to leave him in our will to our future children or maybe taking him on a pilgrimage to a farm out in California but he is going nowhere for a long time! We love him and look forward to watching him grow!

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