06 Jan 2022

Amber & Connor’s Engagement Session

Happy 2022 everyone! With the Holidays, I am just getting around to posting about my last Engagement session of 2021. I was so glad we still had beautiful foliage for Amber and Connor on the day of their engagement shoot and we got even luckier with some perfect weather. Not to mention this was at the Ramapo County Reservation, where my wife and I did our engagement photos years back so it will always have a special place in my heart.

This session was part of their wedding package and I am so excited to also be photographing their wedding later this year in 2022. Like most of my couples, they were concerned about not having much experience in front of the camera and not being photogenic, but like all my couples, they were absolute naturals! The chemistry between the two of them was so visible when I was doing their photos that I knew all of these final images would be perfect and I could not wait to start editing as soon as we parted ways.

I was really hoping for some colorful leaves to get close-up photos of Amber’s gorgeous engagement ring and I had a specific shot in my mind that I wanted to replicate. I was so happy when that shot materialized and both of them were just as excited as me when I showed them a preview during the shoot. I am absolutely loving my L-series Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro lens for ring photos and it is slowly becoming my favorite lens not only for jewelry but also for portraits. You just cannot beat the crispness of a prime lens. I am looking forward to a productive 2022 with all of my couples and clients and I cannot wait for the weddings that I have booked already. I do still have a few weekends available for weddings or any other shoots and I would love the opportunity to discuss if you or anyone you know are looking for a photographer. Happy New Year and I wish everyone a safe, happy, and successful 2022.

08 Oct 2021

Sea Hear Now Festival

Oh how I’ve missed live music. Seeing it together is such a bonding experience with friend sand strangers alike that you just cannot replicate. I was so happy to be able to cover the Sea Hear Now music and arts festival in Asbury Park, NJ a few weeks back and to be able to have that feeling again. That feeling is amplified for me when I am photographing a concert or festival because I am focusing on the crowds and documenting the day through my lens; it really lets me take a step back and appreciate every little moment.

Saturday had some great acts including Pearl Jam, Matt & Kim, the Avett Brothers, Doctor Dog, and Patti Smith. I must say that Matt & Kim were my personal favorite set of the day. They brought so much energy and really incorporated the crowd into nearly every song. You could tell that all of the bands were so happy to be performing and the crowds at every set were loving every minute of it. Music aside, they had some great art installations throughout the beach, boardwalk, and park areas of Asbury Park.

I am looking forward to hopefully attending next year and I am hoping to cover and attend a few more shows before the year is through. It has been a busy last couple of months but the time has really flown by. Booking weddings for next year is getting me excited for winter and everything that is to come in 2022.

13 Jun 2021

Brittany & Johnny’s Wedding

It was great to be back at Perona Farms the other weekend as Brittany and Johnny’s wedding photographer! My wife and I were married there back in 2019 in the barn as well, so I had plenty of spots in mind for portraits. Unfortunately, we had a very rainy day but that did not stop our couple and guests one little bit. Everyone was in the best mood all day and the wedding party and family were great to work with and very easy-going for group photos. The couple even had the same DJ as we did for our wedding, the always fantastic Danny C Entertainment. Danny had the dance floor full even before the first course came out; guests of all ages were out there having a blast. The bride and Groom’s son andrew stole the show on the dance floor as he was breaking it down with the rest of the kids and the adults alike. It was so great to have back-to-back wedding weekends again and I am looking forward to working with the rest of my couples for 2021 as we navigate through these times that have made events as a whole an uncertainty. I love being back out there with my gear and capturing these special moments that my client’s can treasure forever. Congratulations Brittany and Johnny and cheers to a happy and prosperous rest of 2021!

28 May 2021

Kylie & Tom’s Wedding

A huge shoutout to all of my couples who had weddings booked for 2020 and have had to reschedule; I am so glad that were able to find dates and work together this year! Last weekend I photographed Tom and Kylie’s Wedding at Minerals Resort in Vernon, NJ to kick off my first wedding of 2021. I have been to the venue in the past and had a great time as a guest, so I was excited to work there as a photographer as well and be on the other end of the lens. We got lucky with an overcast day for photos and a perfect temperature for an outdoor wedding. The spot we chose for first look had wisteria hanging from the lattice and ivy along the walls which made for some great photos, then we stopped at a few other spots for portraits before making our way back for the ceremony. We were able to get all of the bride and groom portraits, family, and group photos done before cocktail hour which is always the goal so the bride and groom can enjoy the rest of their evening while I swoon over the photos from the portrait session. Their band put on such a great show as well, coming out on the dance floor with the guests and showcasing the talented drummer with an awesome solo to kick off the night. I could not have asked for a better couple, venue, and group of family members and guests to work with. I am currently gearing up for another wedding this coming Sunday at Perona Farms, which happens to be where my wife and I got married so Holy nostalgia. Let the wedding season begin!

17 May 2021

Chelsea and Matt’s proposal

Last weekend I had the pleasure of capturing another couple’s engagement in New Jersey. Matt proposed to Chelsea at their home and had the entire deck decorated with a rose petal trail leading from the garage. He even had bandannas made for the dogs and put out all of their old cards from the years that he had saved. Guys, take notes! Seriously though, everything was perfect and the rain held off just long enough for us to get our photos in and even get some drone footage. Matt then had a surprise lunch at his and Chelsea’s favorite restaurant with all of their friends and families waiting so I hurried over there to get set up for group photos before she arrived. When you have love, friends, dogs, and good food, there’s really nothing that can go wrong. Here’s to the weather cooperating and to celebrating Matt and Chelsea! Congratulations guys!

21 Sep 2020

Cocktail Caravan Wedding

The summer got the best of me and I am months late to this post but I still wanted to share. Back in June, I was hired by Cocktail Caravan Bar to attend a wedding they were working to get shots of the bride and groom enjoying some drinks as well as the newly renovated bar as well. The venue was Firefly farms in New Jersey and it was beautiful with the most perfect weather, we could not have asked for more. We had a short photoshoot before the event so I could get shots of all their delicious signature cocktails being constructed. at the event, the bartender Sam was working overtime to make sure everyone had a chance to try their drinks (I had to partake as well once I was off the clock). If you are ever looking for a safe and fantastic portable bar for any weddings or events, these guys are ones to call! You can see more at https://www.cocktailcaravanbar.com/. I am looking forward to working with them again at the next event and I promise I will try to better about updating this blog regularly. I hope everyone has been having a great summer!

22 Aug 2019

Alyssa & Mike’s engagement session

It is a special thing to be able to photograph a couples proposal as well as be the photographer for their Engagement session. I was so glad that Alyssa and Mike had given me the opportunity for both and we had so much fun during their engagement session in Liberty State Park. While there were plenty of crowds around, we were able to get all of the shots I had in mind with a little bit of patience and careful framing. For their proposal, we just made it in time before a rain storm, but we had perfect weather for the Engagement session. They were open to all of my ideas and even braved some of the waves on the shore for one of my favorite spots near the Colgate clock. Thank you Alyssa and Mike for the opportunity and I wish you guys the best of luck! This has been such a busy summer with Engagement sessions and I would not have it any other way. I am looking forward to some upcoming weddings I have booked, especially those in the fall (my favorite season) with the foliage.

01 Jul 2019

Kaela & Brian’s engagement session

I was super excited when Brian told me that he and his fiance Kaela wanted to do their engagement photos in a more “outside the box” way. Them both being artists, I knew they would have some great ideas. We ultimately decided to spend the afternoon at Storm King Arts Center exploring the grounds and enjoying all of the artwork but we had even more fun creating some interesting images using the surrounding artwork. I think my favorite images from the set were from the mirrored fence but I was very happy with how they all came out. It was a great opportunity to spend the day at a place I have wanted to go for some time now with some really fun people. The artwork there is really impressive and there are acres of grounds to explore. Needless to say, I will certainly be back a few more times!

09 Jun 2019

Diana & Doug’s engagement session

With summer right around the corner and all of the flowers in bloom, it was a perfect time for an engagement session at a Botanical Garden. When Doug and Diana were on board with the idea, we chose Ringwood Botanical Gardens because it was a short drive and I already had some shots in mind from previous sessions there. As you can tell from the photos, we had a lot of fun and laughed a ton. I included a lot more candid laughing shots than I normally do because they were all too good not to. I personally find the candid shots the most satisfying sometimes and it helps to create a more well rounded portfolio.

It is so important to have your clients be comfortable in front of the camera and it is your job to create an atmosphere where they can be themselves and truly let their emotions show. There is no substitute for that emotion and no way of replicating it in post production. It is such a delight to see that emotional connection between a couple while I am photographing them; it makes me so excited to start selecting and editing the final images for them. This is a skill acquired over time and I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience with each coming session. It has been a busy spring already and I am looking forward to the summer sessions I already have booked!

30 May 2019

Alyssa & Mike’s proposal

Recently I was asked by Mike to be there when he proposes to his now fiance Alyssa and to photograph it. I was both excited and honored to not only be able to take those photos but to also be able to share that special moment with them. That is not something you get to experience with every client and it really meant a lot to me. In a situation like this, obviously you only have one chance to get that shot so the pressure is on to some extent. Planning and also having a backup location were key. We met a few days prior and looked at a few different locations and ultimately decided on a spot in Hoboken near Pier A where you could see the Empire State Building in the background and there were these trees whose branches formed this perfect archway above the two of them when Mike knelt down to ask. There was a little worry about rain but it held off and actually made for some really great flat lighting for a quick impromptu portrait session after. In such a busy area there is always the concern of someone walking in the way but as soon as everyone saw me approaching with my telephoto lens they stopped to see what was going on and Alyssa and Mike got a round of applause from a giant group of random strangers who just happened to be walking by or sitting nearby. It is so nice to see in person examples like this of how love and happiness can bring everyone together even if just for a few seconds while we are all about our busy days.