Diana & Doug’s engagement session

With summer right around the corner and all of the flowers in bloom, it was a perfect time for an engagement session at a Botanical Garden. When Doug and Diana were on board with the idea, we chose Ringwood Botanical Gardens because it was a short drive and I already had some shots in mind from previous sessions there. As you can tell from the photos, we had a lot of fun and laughed a ton. I included a lot more candid laughing shots than I normally do because they were all too good not to. I personally find the candid shots the most satisfying sometimes and it helps to create a more well rounded portfolio.

It is so important to have your clients be comfortable in front of the camera and it is your job to create an atmosphere where they can be themselves and truly let their emotions show. There is no substitute for that emotion and no way of replicating it in post production. It is such a delight to see that emotional connection between a couple while I am photographing them; it makes me so excited to start selecting and editing the final images for them. This is a skill acquired over time and I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience with each coming session. It has been a busy spring already and I am looking forward to the summer sessions I already have booked!

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