The Brew Hop 5k and Beer Fest

Today I was the photographer for The Brew Hop 5k and Beer Fest, another event put together by Peak Projects. There was a great turnout and despite the weather forecast, there was some beautiful weather as well. There were some impressive performances by the runners as well and the line for BareBurger would say that they saw a pretty great audience as well (myself included). I was shooting on my Canon EOS 5D mark iii and most of the time with my Canon 70-200mm 2.8. That is always my go to lens for any event photography and it always provides stunning results. I shot a lot of video today too which was a nice change of pace and there should be an edit sometime in the near future. I always like to focus on candids when I do events like this because they really capture the atmosphere and show how fun it is for everyone. And I must say after doing many weddings this summer, I have started to focus more and more on candids for any type of event. More info can be found at http://www.thebrewhop5k.com/nyc/  and I am looking forward to more Peak Projects events too!

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