Puppy Photoshoot

Is there really anything better than a puppy? Like honestly?? Last week I had an awesome session with Hank the 9 week old Yellow Labrador. Like usual, I used my Canon 5D and mostly stuck with the canon 70-200mm 2.8, which is my favorite lens for pet photography and portrait sessions with moving subjects. The bokeh it provides is beautiful and it really makes colors pop, like the green of the grass. I am looking forward to watching this little guy grow up through the viewfinder of my camera and I have plenty of availability for weekend pet sessions this summer. I have plenty of great spots in mind here in Jersey City or we can meet anywhere you would prefer. You can fill out the contact form on the website or text or call me at (201) 739-8984. Whether it is a dog, cat, turtle, bird, or whatever other strange creature, I’d love to work with you! If I could spend just a few minutes a day with a puppy I think I would be pretty darn content.

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