Sequoia National Park

I just got around to editing all of my photos from a recent road trip with Nina┬áso now I can finally share them! We spent two weeks driving North from Los Angeles into Seattle and we stopped at 5 National Parks along the way. I will be posting a new blog weekly with shots from each park so keep checking back to see the ones that haven’t already made it onto Facebook.

Once we Landed in LA, we rented a Nissan Rogue and drove up North through the desert and mountain landscape to begin our adventure. We stopped to camp just one night before arriving at Sequoia National Park to explore and it was absolutely mind-blowing! You can’t fully grasp the sheer size of these trees until you stand right underneath it or walk around the massive trunks. General Sherman is the largest tree there and it was unfathomably huge until you see it in person close-up, or as close as you can get with the fences and crowds. Nina and I did a 5 mile loop around the entire forest with our cameras then found an amazing lookout point called Eagle’s View to eat our lunch and take it all in. So many of these giants have been severely burned from forest fires but they still stand strong which is a true testament to the strength and resilience of nature. We could not have asked for a better beginning to our trip after this one.

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