Labor Day At the Lake

I spent my Labor day weekend upstate with my dad, a few friends, and of course My Canon 5D and my 50mm 1.2. It was a more relaxing weekend than usual with less adventures and exploring and more time spent editing in the tent and playing with my camera. I’ve eaten nothing but hot dogs and egg sandwiches for the last 72 hours and I must say, I don’t hate it. Between shooting guns, building bonfires and shucking clams we found some time to do long exposures and shoot off some fireworks as well. I kept my 50mm 1.2 on my camera all weekend and love it more each time I use it. Alex brought his DJI Phantom 3 drone and I got the opportunity to fly it as well and was really impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the footage. The problem is now I want to buy one immediately. I will definitely miss summer but bring on fall! I have way too many flannels in my closet right now begging to be worn.

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