Last week I took a trip out to Colorado to spend some time with a few friends and of course to do some snowboarding. I rode at Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin and every day had great conditions. My last day at Beaver Creek I was in knee deep powder the entire time and I cold not have been happier. When I ride, I just bring my GoPro Hero 4 and Iphone with me to take photos since I do not want to risk anything happening to my precious 5D and I just want to focus on my time in the mountains and nothing else. My favorite thing to do between riding in the woods is to turn off my music and just stop amongst the trees and take it all in because there is nowhere else to me that provides more solitude and beauty.

On Monday I took a hike near Boulder in the Chautauqua mountains to do a photography session for a new jewelry line that will be coming out soon so keep your eyes out for a new post once I am all done editing. I brought my EOS 5D mark III and my 24-70mm 2.8 LL lens with me; my go-to hiking setup. One of my favorite things about Colorado is how one day I can be way up in the mountains in a winter wonderland and the next I can be hiking in a t-shirt.

So I am back now and I have traded in the mountains for the skyscrapers of Manhattan but I certainly missed city life and all of the constant stimulation just walking around the streets of New York. I can sense spring right around the corner and I cannot wait to get outside more with my camera!

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