Kylie & Tom’s Wedding

A huge shoutout to all of my couples who had weddings booked for 2020 and have had to reschedule; I am so glad that were able to find dates and work together this year! Last weekend I photographed Tom and Kylie’s Wedding at Minerals Resort in Vernon, NJ to kick off my first wedding of 2021. I have been to the venue in the past and had a great time as a guest, so I was excited to work there as a photographer as well and be on the other end of the lens. We got lucky with an overcast day for photos and a perfect temperature for an outdoor wedding. The spot we chose for first look had wisteria hanging from the lattice and ivy along the walls which made for some great photos, then we stopped at a few other spots for portraits before making our way back for the ceremony. We were able to get all of the bride and groom portraits, family, and group photos done before cocktail hour which is always the goal so the bride and groom can enjoy the rest of their evening while I swoon over the photos from the portrait session. Their band put on such a great show as well, coming out on the dance floor with the guests and showcasing the talented drummer with an awesome solo to kick off the night. I could not have asked for a better couple, venue, and group of family members and guests to work with. I am currently gearing up for another wedding this coming Sunday at Perona Farms, which happens to be where my wife and I got married so Holy nostalgia. Let the wedding season begin!

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