Flatiron Friday with my new 50mm

I recently added the Canon 50mm 1.2 USM L-series lens to my arsenal and I could not be happier with it. Coming from a lot of experience with zoom lenses, I wanted to focus on prime lenses for portraits and weddings this summer as well. The image quality is absolutely stunning and the bokeh at f1.2 is as smooth as silk. I brought it with me to work last Friday and explored outside the office on my lunch break. If you couldn’t already tell, the Flatiron is one of my favorite buildings in all of manhattan and I had a great time playing around with the nearby flowers for framing. I love how the prime lens forces you to move your body and walk to different distances to get the perfect framing instead of relying on the zoom to get your shot. I have a feeling this will become my desert island lens and I do not see it coming off my Canon 5D anytime soon until I absolutely need that longer focal range.

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