Eric & Georgia’s Engagement Shoot

Isn’t love grand?? I was lucky enough to have been able to take photos of Eric proposing to Georgia back in the spring (you can read about it and see the gallery in a previous blog post) so, naturally I was extra excited to also be able to take their engagement photos last weekend! We had Sunday booked for months and when the weather was not looking the littlest bit promising, we still decided to trudge through and did our whole shoot in the middle of a downpour. With my Canon EOS 5D wrapped in a garbage bag and Nina there to hold the umbrella over Eric and Georgia, we were able to take what could have been a disaster and turn it into one of the best sessions I have had in recent memory.

These two were such troopers! The rain did not bother them one bit and we ended up with some great images with the rain providing a moody touch and some really cool reflections. Since we had to rush through the session, we finished up 2 days later with a last-minute night session at Liberty State Park. I finally got to use my new Westcott Ice Light 2 and it certainly did not disappoint! It really adds the perfect amount of smooth light without blowing anything out and being able to adjust the intensity and use a gel for a warmer look is just the icing on the cake.

For a remote flash, I went with 2 Canon Speedlite 600 EX-Ts and the “master” “slave” sync setting really allowed me to get creative which was a lot of fun. We played around with a few different areas and had the best results bouncing the flash off of the walls behind them and I was able to do some experimenting with different angles too. All in all, I could not have been happier with how everything came out and the couple loved their photos which is all really strive for! I am certainly looking forward to more engagement shoots in the upcoming months before the snow starts falling.

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