01 Jul 2019

Kaela & Brian’s engagement session

I was super excited when Brian told me that he and his fiance Kaela wanted to do their engagement photos in a more “outside the box” way. Them both being artists, I knew they would have some great ideas. We ultimately decided to spend the afternoon at Storm King Arts Center exploring the grounds and enjoying all of the artwork but we had even more fun creating some interesting images using the surrounding artwork. I think my favorite images from the set were from the mirrored fence but I was very happy with how they all came out. It was a great opportunity to spend the day at a place I have wanted to go for some time now with some really fun people. The artwork there is really impressive and there are acres of grounds to explore. Needless to say, I will certainly be back a few more times!

09 Jun 2019

Diana & Doug’s engagement session

With summer right around the corner and all of the flowers in bloom, it was a perfect time for an engagement session at a Botanical Garden. When Doug and Diana were on board with the idea, we chose Ringwood Botanical Gardens because it was a short drive and I already had some shots in mind from previous sessions there. As you can tell from the photos, we had a lot of fun and laughed a ton. I included a lot more candid laughing shots than I normally do because they were all too good not to. I personally find the candid shots the most satisfying sometimes and it helps to create a more well rounded portfolio.

It is so important to have your clients be comfortable in front of the camera and it is your job to create an atmosphere where they can be themselves and truly let their emotions show. There is no substitute for that emotion and no way of replicating it in post production. It is such a delight to see that emotional connection between a couple while I am photographing them; it makes me so excited to start selecting and editing the final images for them. This is a skill acquired over time and I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience with each coming session. It has been a busy spring already and I am looking forward to the summer sessions I already have booked!

30 May 2019

Alyssa & Mike’s proposal

Recently I was asked by Mike to be there when he proposes to his now fiance Alyssa and to photograph it. I was both excited and honored to not only be able to take those photos but to also be able to share that special moment with them. That is not something you get to experience with every client and it really meant a lot to me. In a situation like this, obviously you only have one chance to get that shot so the pressure is on to some extent. Planning and also having a backup location were key. We met a few days prior and looked at a few different locations and ultimately decided on a spot in Hoboken near Pier A where you could see the Empire State Building in the background and there were these trees whose branches formed this perfect archway above the two of them when Mike knelt down to ask. There was a little worry about rain but it held off and actually made for some really great flat lighting for a quick impromptu portrait session after. In such a busy area there is always the concern of someone walking in the way but as soon as everyone saw me approaching with my telephoto lens they stopped to see what was going on and Alyssa and Mike got a round of applause from a giant group of random strangers who just happened to be walking by or sitting nearby. It is so nice to see in person examples like this of how love and happiness can bring everyone together even if just for a few seconds while we are all about our busy days.

06 Jul 2018

Sequoia National Park

I just got around to editing all of my photos from a recent road trip with Nina so now I can finally share them! We spent two weeks driving North from Los Angeles into Seattle and we stopped at 5 National Parks along the way. I will be posting a new blog weekly with shots from each park so keep checking back to see the ones that haven’t already made it onto Facebook.

Once we Landed in LA, we rented a Nissan Rogue and drove up North through the desert and mountain landscape to begin our adventure. We stopped to camp just one night before arriving at Sequoia National Park to explore and it was absolutely mind-blowing! You can’t fully grasp the sheer size of these trees until you stand right underneath it or walk around the massive trunks. General Sherman is the largest tree there and it was unfathomably huge until you see it in person close-up, or as close as you can get with the fences and crowds. Nina and I did a 5 mile loop around the entire forest with our cameras then found an amazing lookout point called Eagle’s View to eat our lunch and take it all in. So many of these giants have been severely burned from forest fires but they still stand strong which is a true testament to the strength and resilience of nature. We could not have asked for a better beginning to our trip after this one.

04 May 2018

Colin & Marina’s Engagement Session

Winter is over and the weather is finally beautiful and warm! Last weekend I capitalized on a sunny day and did an engagement session with Colin & Marina. They totally rocked this shoot and we had a great time exploring Central park then traveled to Riverside Park to finish up the session with a change of scenery. Avoiding crowds in a place like Central Park is always a challenge but these two were so patient while we waited in every location to make sure we did not have anyone in the background. Sometimes it helps to use a telephoto lens to make sure you can isolate your subjects in the frame and at 2.8 on the Canon 70-200mm II the bokeh is beautiful no matter what the background is. I am looking forward to more engagement and couples sessions as the spring and summer unfold so check back soon!

01 Feb 2018

Alexa & Vincent’s Wedding

2018 has already been a busy year right out of the gate but I don’t mind one bit if it means more time with my camera. I am just now getting around to organizing all of my photos from the last several years together on my new computer at the new workstation I just built. I have not been too active online lately with the holidays and last-minute clients but now it’s back to business!

As 2017 came to end, I got to work with two amazing clients right before the holidays to capture their special day. Alexa and Vincent were less than a week away from moving hundreds of miles away to Louisiana for Vincent’s service in the United States Army and they were about to about to give their “I Do”s. It was safe to say that they had a lot on their minds and some huge milestones were about to take place. With everything happening in their lives, the two of them were some of the most calm, easy-going, and organized couples that I have had the pleasure of working with. They enjoyed every minute together between themselves and all of their friends and family and it really showed in their photographs. We met them each in their perspective rooms to capture the special moments getting ready and the process leading up to the ceremony. From the intimate portrait session on the dance floor to the moment it was packed with happy guests, the moments after the ceremony were certainly just as special.

Off all of the weddings that I have done, this was certainly the first where the Bride and Groom’s dogs also walked down the aisle! They were even there to assist in getting ready before the ceremony and obviously pose for photos as well. It is all of quirks and details like that which truly make me love and enjoy what I do more and more each day. With every wedding that I do and with each couple that I meet, the more I appreciate how many factors have to come into play for two people to meet, fall in love, and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. When I work with a client, I aim to know and appreciate all of those factors and the people surrounding them that allowed it all to be possible and how that culminates on a wedding day. If that can translate through my photography and I can leave a lasting impression on a client through my work, then I know I have succeeded and I can bring that happiness and motivation to the next one.

Here’s to a great 2018 and thank you to all my past and present clients!

17 Dec 2017

Jason & Sarah

Portrait sessions are always a pleasure when you have a fun, goofy couple who’s love is so apparent that is translates through in all of the photos. Jason and Sarah were exactly that and we had a great time a few weeks back during their anniversary portrait session. They braved the cold and and had some great ideas for locations and poses as we explored our Jersey City neighborhood. to keep the mood fun, We decided to take a few funny photos where they were playing secret agents and they were more than happy to play along!

This session was a gift to Sarah for their 3rd anniversary and I will be booking more Anniversary sessions throughout the spring and summer so please reach out if you are interested. Just one more wedding before the New Year and I could not be more excited. there will be a blog post up shortly after the wedding with plenty of photos so stay tuned!

02 Dec 2017

Yoga Photography Session

Last week I was hired to take photographs of a client who just became a certified Yoga instructor for her new website. The session was actually purchased by her sister as an early Christmas gift, which is never a bad idea during the holiday season! We spent a few hours in Jersey City at Liberty State Park, Paulus Hook, and a few other spots. I was shooting with my Canon EOS 5D III and alternating between my Canon 27-70mm 2.8II and Canon 70-200mm 2.8II. The telephoto lens always gives the most beautiful depth of field and color when shooting from a distance in a colorful setting. The late Autumn foliage around the park provided that perfect background and the pants Caitlyn wore really made her stand out in the foreground in all of the shots. I suggested she wore something colorful but those were really perfect!

I was able to capture a nice range of scenery, from a city backdrop to having the frame filled with nothing but nature. I think the tranquility of yoga and the connotations that go with it certainly warranted the need for plenty of Mother Nature in the shots and Caitlin could not have been happier with how they came out. I have been busy with Engagement sessions, Headshots, and Portrait sessions over the last few weeks leading into winter and I am excited to share the rest of those photos with everyone soon. Whatever it is that you want to capture, I would love to chat about your ideas or thoughts and discuss working together. Reach out anytime!

06 Nov 2017

Eric & Georgia’s Engagement Shoot

Isn’t love grand?? I was lucky enough to have been able to take photos of Eric proposing to Georgia back in the spring (you can read about it and see the gallery in a previous blog post) so, naturally I was extra excited to also be able to take their engagement photos last weekend! We had Sunday booked for months and when the weather was not looking the littlest bit promising, we still decided to trudge through and did our whole shoot in the middle of a downpour. With my Canon EOS 5D wrapped in a garbage bag and Nina there to hold the umbrella over Eric and Georgia, we were able to take what could have been a disaster and turn it into one of the best sessions I have had in recent memory.

These two were such troopers! The rain did not bother them one bit and we ended up with some great images with the rain providing a moody touch and some really cool reflections. Since we had to rush through the session, we finished up 2 days later with a last-minute night session at Liberty State Park. I finally got to use my new Westcott Ice Light 2 and it certainly did not disappoint! It really adds the perfect amount of smooth light without blowing anything out and being able to adjust the intensity and use a gel for a warmer look is just the icing on the cake.

For a remote flash, I went with 2 Canon Speedlite 600 EX-Ts and the “master” “slave” sync setting really allowed me to get creative which was a lot of fun. We played around with a few different areas and had the best results bouncing the flash off of the walls behind them and I was able to do some experimenting with different angles too. All in all, I could not have been happier with how everything came out and the couple loved their photos which is all really strive for! I am certainly looking forward to more engagement shoots in the upcoming months before the snow starts falling.

14 Jul 2017

Eric & Georgia

It is one thing to have a close friend of yours get engaged, but it is another thing to be involved in the planning of the proposal and capture the moment on camera. Eric chose the perfect spot at Pier A in Hoboken and had a picnic planned while I waited in the distance with my 5D and canon 70-200mm 2.8. Not only did the entire thing turn out perfectly, but the photos came out great as well. This lens always allows me stay at a good distance from my subjects without disturbing the scene, especially great for reaction shots at weddings. Luckily the lighting was perfect so no flash was needed and we planned for mid-day so the sun would be overhead. Of all the sessions I have done for a client in the last few months, this was one of the most enjoyable and meaningful. Eric is also a pretty talented photographer himself and you can take a look at his work at https://www.instagram.com/ericdmiller/. I would love the opportunity to be able to capture another milestone moment like this so please reach out if you would be interested!